Interview with Tsilli Pines (GWTW146)

Tsilli PinesTsilli Pines is the co-founder and director of Design Week Portland, the Digital Creative Director for FINE, and was named a Person to Watch in 2018 by Graphic Design USA. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, Tsilli and I talk about Design Week Portland, a week-long event April 14-21, 2018, new experiments, the power of community, how her work is fueled by Design Week Portland, and how she fosters collaboration.

Several quotes from this episode:

  • “How can we as an organization year-round map the creative landscape in Portland and make it publicly accessible, so people can see everything that everyone is doing here and have visibility into that?”
  • “I like to promote formats that give people lots of different ways to feel included.”
  • “I am creatively nourished by Design Week.”
  • “I’m just bowled over by how many incredible people there are in Portland doing just world-class work.”

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