Interview with Rebecca Gates (GWTW150)

With interests in cities and citizen engagement to sound, space, music and art, Rebecca Gates is an independent artist, curator, and problem solver blending leadership skills with a deep belief in listening. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, Rebecca and I talk about her event at Design Week Portland, “From a Whisper to Machines,” her fascination with voice, what listening means to her, and all things Design Week Portland.

Several quotes from this episode:

  • “We hear our voices inside of our own bodies and so to hear it completely external, it sounds different.”
  • “People perceive a sped up fake laugh as authentic.”
  • “Everyone can sit around and tell stories, but if you’re not listening, if there’s not the other side of the campfire where someone’s sharing, then what does it sound like? It just sounds like a cacophony.”
  • “How do we start building vocabulary and practice to slow down our reactions?”

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