Interview with Mac Prichard (GWTW145)

Mac Prichard is the founder and publisher of Mac’s List, operates Prichard Communications, and is the cohost of the Find Your Dream Job podcast. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, Mac and I talk about how he became an accidental entrepreneur, building relationships and networking, the value of informational interviews with professionals, and the importance of doing good.

Several quotes from this episode:

  • “I think all of us want work that matters, that allows us to make a difference.”
  • “People who are successful in their careers and have the most satisfaction in life really are entrepreneurs. They think about what they want to accomplish and they set goals-and whether they are doing it in a job inside a large organization or they’re running their own non-profit or small business-they’re taking charge.”
  • “When you think of yourself as a problem solver, whether it’s in a job or as an entrepreneur or as a political candidate, you’re going to have the most success when you understand the needs of the people you want to serve.”
  • “As many as 8 out of 10 jobs are never posted anywhere, they’re filled by word of mouth.”
  • “If you’re going to tap into that hidden job market, you need to step away from the computer and you need to learn how to look for work.”
  • “As with any sales process, you’ve got to build a relationship with the people you want to serve.”
  • “If you’re in business or you’re running a non-profit or you’re a successful professional, you’re an expert. There is a subject, and probably many facets of that subject, that you know a lot about. That’s a value to people who need your expertise.”
  • “Networking begins with service and it’s about being helpful to others.”
  • “If you want people to say yes, you’ve got to make it easy for them to say yes.”

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