Interview with Carmen Hill (GWTW147)

Carmen Hill is an award-winning content and social marketing strategist and operates Chill Content, a company that connects business goals with customer needs. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, Carmen and I talk about her career journey from freelance to agency to freelance, what she has learned clients are looking for, growing in the face of fear, and how she has consistently learned new skills while balancing confidence and intimidation.

Several quotes from this episode:

  • “Primarily I’m working with marketers and everybody is really busy, they’re under a lot of pressure, they are accountable for things they have no control over, and they have to figure out a way to deliver on all these things that they are accountable for.”
  • “There’s been a growing recognition that content is the fuel that is driving business. In many cases it’s certainly driving customer experience and it’s driving marketing.”
  • “How do you create content that is good enough to earn the attention of my audience, to actually serve their needs, that will keep them coming back, that will inspire them to click the ‘Show Me More’ button or whatever it is? That’s a big heavy lift, partly just because of the information overload.”
  • “If you do kind of capture the attention, how do you deliver on that promise that you’ve made?”
  • “Everyone’s out there creating content, how can what I do measure up?”
  • “There’s this creative energy around connecting the dots between what you’ve done before and seeing new ways that that applies.”

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