Interview with Ben Keeline (GWTW109)

Ben Keeline is a filmmaker, educator, and Executive Director of Project Spark Studio, a nonprofit film arts education studio providing children opportunities to create and collaborate on their own computer-animated movie. He is not only my filmmaking and creativity mentor, but he is the first person I met in 2000 to encourage me to go to art school to be a filmmaker. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, we talk about meeting in Israel, what it’s like to make feature films, the importance of sound design, how technological advances have changed the world of independent film, and what led him to create a non-profit.

A few quotes from this episode:

“I am your classic 80s 10-year-old kid that fell in love with movies and thought I knew what movies were, but then as I got older I found out that there’s this thing called story.”

“The difference between a being a hobby artist and a professional artist is you basically make a serious commitment to 3 hours a day that you are in your imagineering mode.”

“As the fear increases, as the insecurity increases, you’re heading in the right direction.”

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