Interview with Andy Molinsky (GWTW115)

Andy Molinsky is a Professor at Brandeis University’s International Business School, public speaker, and author of Global Dexterity and Reach. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, we talk about his research in comfort zones, how creative professionals can put his research into practice, and the importance of making an effort to consistently go beyond your comfort zone.

Several quotes from this episode:

  • “Frankly, the things that I love to do most are creating, whatever it is.”
  • “I always find that I get most inspired and engaged in a topic when I immerse myself in it.”
  • “I always find that the moments where I am the most lucid, where I have the best ideas, are when I hear other people’s stories and then I can reflect on them.”
  • “I think I love the human element of storytelling… I care about it because I think it’s the very best way to communicate information.”
  • “But if you’re in my shoes, which was a business school professor, it’s actually quite important I think to engage in the business world and to have a foot in both the business world and the academic world.”
  • “People who are able to take the leap, they could benefit from self-discovery. Because if you try something, you have the potential to discover that, and I kept finding this, that it’s not as hard as you think it was going to be….and that they’re a little bit better at it than they thought they would be.”

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