Infinite Loops of Overthinking (GWTW540)

I’m a chronic overthinker. I like to tell myself that it’s a new feature of my life thanks to the uncertainty of the times. But if I’m honest with myself and everyone listening right now, I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. When I overthink, my ability to take action on tasks and projects dwindles until I worry about everything. Decision-making becomes daunting and fraught with over-analysis. Perfectionism and fear hide around every corner until I lose momentum. Then, a miracle occurs! I get a beautiful fresh idea, and suddenly I’m back in business. The old melt away in favor of the new, that is, until I begin overthinking, yet again.

Five ways to break free from the infinite loops of overthinking:

  1. Start with commitment: to yourself, to your craft, to your customer, to the project.
  2. Ride the wave of urgency.
  3. Wear resilience like a badge of honor.
  4. Take control when necessary.
  5. Effectively communicate to everyone involved through active listening and strategic action.

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