How'd You Do It? (GWTW33)

How often do you find yourself asking someone who found success, how’d you do it? For me, I spent a lot of my career looking for shortcuts and secrets to success instead of relying upon good old-fashioned hard work. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I talk about the different ways the question—How’d you do it?—can be interpreted as well as five strategies for getting your work to work.

Instead of asking “How’d You Do It?”, here are five strategies for getting your work to work:

  1. Ask yourself: Am I looking for a recipe or formula for success or am I looking for inspiration and motivation?
  2. Prepare yourself to make sacrifices and compromises.
  3. Find a schedule and stick to it. Every day. Even on the weekend.
  4. The secret is found doing the work.
  5. Spend time in awe and wonder, then get back to work.

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