How to Level Up (GWTW276)

As I was preparing for today’s episode, I couldn’t help but ask an important question inspired by my conversation with Sheima Hassanlou, a surfing documentary and two books I’m reading by Maria Popova and Guy Kawasaki: How do I level up? On one level I’m producing the best work of my career, but on another I’m a little stagnant. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to share a few quotes and six insights into how to level up.

Quotes referenced in this episode:

Figuring by Maria Popova: “…the locus of possibility expands when the unimaginable is imagined and then made real through systematic effort” (p. 12).

Wise Guy: Lessons from a Life by Guy Kawasaki:

“Seek out and embrace people who challenge you. You will learn more from them than from the folks who hold you to lower standards” (p. 15).

“Be a hard-ass if you are a teacher, manager, coach, or someone who influences people. You’re not doing anyone a favor by lowering your standards and expectations in an effort to be kind, gentle, or popular. The future cost of short-term kindness is great” (p. 15).

“…challenge the known and embrace the unknown” (p. 45).

6 Ways I’m Going to Level Up:

  1. Build relationships where my standards are challenged and raised.
  2. Keep connecting with more people.
  3. Improve my writing.
  4. More speaking opportunities.
  5. Educate myself in the production side of business.
  6. Go on more adventures.

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