How to Learn New Things! (GWTW612)

How do you learn new things? Are you like me and read books and other sources of information until you feel confident enough to try? Perhaps you’re like others and love watching videos or listening to podcasts to get the same hit of information acquisition, but in a quicker way. As life-long learners, it seems like there is a never-ending source of learning opportunities until one day you wake up and ask yourself a powerful question: how do you learn new things? I grapple with this question and more in today’s episode of Getting Work To Work.

9 ways to learn new things:

  1. Forget everything
  2. Explore broadly
  3. Watch, read, and listen to anything you can
  4. Do
  5. Give and receive feedback
  6. Teach others
  7. Guide
  8. Repeat
  9. Expand

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