Great Expectations (GWTW619)

The first time I heard it, I took great offense. But I started to hear it more and more. From an older generation who remembers life as it once was and no longer is, of a singular expert worker who knew the answer to every question and the solution to any problem—even if no one said it aloud. “I guess this is what we get nowadays” is not an ideal way to start any engagement, but the perfect statement to reflect upon in today’s episode of Getting Work To Work. Yes, technology and convenience have changed the world of work, but they have also changed our expectations as customers. How are we to respond as workers?

Six questions in response to our increasing expectations:

  1. Why do we expect people to know everything immediately all at once?
  2. Why are we bemoaning the past that is long gone and not even remotely close to the world we live in now?
  3. What are we willing to pay for expertise?
  4. How have our expectations changed?
  5. Who owns the responsibility of learning and growth?
  6. What are we to do to lower our expectations?

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