Going Deeper (GWTW41)

This morning, my good friend Bruce and I were talking about how we can encourage students to go deeper in their understanding of the technical topics we teach. After a ton of questions, wondering what it means to go deeper, we settled on the production of work with advanced tools, then teaching others how to do it. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I talk about how to go deeper in your work and creative pursuits and share five ways you can keep learning throughout every project.

5 Ways to Go Deeper in Your Creative Pursuits

  1. Identify ways to learn on every project.
  2. Collaborate with others who have more experience in areas where you need growth.
  3. Learn how to effectively assess what you know by looking at the metrics of your work: how long it takes you to do your work, and the happiness of your clients.
  4. Balance the desire to adopt modern tools with an understanding of what the job requires.
  5. Ask yourself: “What problems could I solve with my current level of understanding?”

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