Go! Get It! (GWTW719)

I just got back from my first real vacation in six years. While there were plenty of late-night existential wrestling matches—”I don’t know who I am on vacation anymore”—my mind was churring and whirring away underneath the surface. As I listened to the conversations around me, watched the truth emerge through body language, and paid attention to my feelings, I heard it clearly: “Go! Get it!” If you have a vision for your life and are afraid to take the first step of leaving the infinite labyrinth of modern society’s expectations of you, then the message for you is this: It’s not easy; it’s going to be the most challenging work you’ll ever do, but go! Bring your vision to life. It’s worth it for you and the others you’ll bring along on your journey.

7 ways to go and get it:

  1. Use your vision as a guide for action and progress.
  2. Trust yourself to know the difference between expectations from others and what you want your life and work to be.
  3. Do what makes sense to you.
  4. Don’t conform your dreams to the realities of others.
  5. Transform the discomfort of others into fuel for your journey.
  6. Seek internal acceptance over external validation.
  7. Share wildly.

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  • Midjourney prompt for episode art: escaping the infinite labyrinth of stairs in the the style of escher cinematic lighting dizzy –v 5.2 –stylize 500 –ar 16:9