Funding Your Future (GWTW735)

How in the world do you make money to fund your future? I think about this question a lot because I have no idea how anyone is making enough money in the digital economy on their work alone when platforms pay pennies per thousand for people watching, liking, sharing, commenting, you know the drill. I get even more confused when I think about newer free platforms; how are they making money? When people get used to free, why would they pay? With subscription services increasing monthly fees, how much of that will reach creators? Is crowdsourcing a viable path to funding your future? Do I build my own platform from the ground up? My head is swimming with all these questions and the absence of answers. So, let’s dive into the deep end of funding your future beyond pennies on the dollar.

8 ways to start funding your creative future:

  1. Don’t treat your creative work like a loss leader.
  2. Don’t give everything away for free.
  3. Have a content paywall mentality.
  4. Get creative with an online store.
  5. Ask for the sale.
  6. Experiment with tools you’re already using that provide premium paid content.
  7. Study the outliers and be courageous to do things beyond industry norms.
  8. Be the network, the studio, and the producer. **Note: I said use tools that eliminate barriers and erode your profits, but meant to say use tools that eliminate barriers and don’t erode your profits…**

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