Forgotten Loves (GWTW598)

It’s been a week full of reminders of past loves. At times, I was reliving distant memories from the pre-pandemic days, and other times, seeing the echoes of dreams lost in the passage of time. From travel, chasing down photo opportunities in the desert of Arizona, and meeting my brother, to listening to everyday people telling stories about their lives and impacting the community through their service, I felt the rekindling fire of what I once loved to do. And it felt refreshing as I continue my creative journey into the future. What are the forgotten and forsaken loves you’ve left behind in your creative journey?

What I’m Learning in the Remembrance of Forgotten Loves:

  • The forgotten loves often reveal an invisible portion of life’s spectrum of passion and purpose. When we are immersed in the grind, the muck, the pain, it can be difficult—at times, impossible—to see anything else.
  • Remembering our lost loves, help us to see again. The love and passion get us unstuck, out of our own heads.
  • By re-exploring forgotten loves, I can do so without expectations and need for certainty. In the early days, I was so certain of what I knew. But now I can be at peace with the journey. I don’t need the weight of making it or succeeding to take away the enjoyment of experimentation and uncertainty.
  • It doesn’t need to be a business. It can simply be a hobby. A return to the notion of “for the love of it.”
  • By exploring hobbies and non-business passions of the past, I become whole, living a full expression of life.
  • It is life that reminds us of our past loves, so get out there and live.
  • You are allowed to change and let pursuits go, but when we let them go out of fear, criticism, or for the wrong reasons, they will find a way back to you once day.
  • How will your past passions be different today after all that you’ve experienced and become?