Finishing Your Work (GWTW96)

A friend reached out this week with a podcast topic: how do I go about finishing my work? As a creative professional, I get an idea, I start pursuing the idea, developing it to a certain point until I eventually put it on the metaphorical shelf, only to forget it in favor of a new idea. For the most part, this is the challenge: the shiny pursuit of the new. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I share 8 barriers that prevent me from finishing my work and ultimately answer my friend’s question—how do I go about finishing my work?—with another question: what do I need to do next?

8 Barriers to Finishing My Work

  1. Perfectionism
  2. Focused on the end goal, not the next step
  3. Too much work
  4. Not enough work
  5. Not trusting my process
  6. Obsessed with the future
  7. Forgetting my purpose
  8. Not keeping my whole being in check

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