Finding Your Beat (GWTW444)

2020 has been a year that—for obvious reasons we are all collectively struggling with—hasn’t gone according to plan. As I sit here and reflect on the past nine months, the number one thing I’ve realized is that my life plan, and my business plan as well, sucked. It wasn’t working. Fortunately, I am learning to use this as an opportunity to reconnect with who I am, reinvent what I’m doing, how I work, and who I serve. Most importantly, I feel a sense of gratitude at the pile of rubble at my feet. I get to find the pulse beating within my fabric of existence and align my actions with that.

10 ways to find your own beat and move ever closer to the expressions that matter most to you:

  1. Raise your awareness of what’s possible.
  2. Give yourself permission to dream.
  3. Cover the bills.
  4. Save whenever possible.
  5. Design your day.
  6. Create to grow.
  7. Chase your obsessions.
  8. Focus on today.
  9. Work insanely hard.
  10. Rest.

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