Fighting Perfectionism (GWTW11)

For as long as I can remember, I have fought with perfectionism. I have wanted my work to be perfect and over time, my productivity slowed down. I struggled getting ideas off the ground because I would evaluate the merit of the ideas before they were finished. In this episode, I share a few ways perfectionism impacts creative professionals and six ways you can fight perfectionism today.

Six Ways You Can Fight Perfectionism

  1. Create the worst creative product ever. This could be a photograph, a film, a design, or a blog post.
  2. Experiment and share the results. Have an attitude of a beginner, even if you’re a master of your craft.
  3. Don’t perpetuate the myth of perfectionism by never talking about your story or your struggle.
  4. Tell yourself it’s okay to not be perfect.
  5. Stop comparing your work to what you see online.
  6. Find accountability partners.

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