Fight For Your Creative Vision (GWTW668)

How would you describe your creative vision when you look at your body of work? Is it present throughout, or can you see something missing? Earlier in my career, my creative vision was strong. I chased after my ideas. I created the work I wanted to see in the world. Eventually, I got tired and didn’t allow myself to rest. I chased distractions down rabbit trails, started over too many times, and allowed lies and stories to hold me back. I still got my work out into the world, but my vision was a fraction of what it once was. In today’s episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m talking about creative vision and how I am building it back up for a better future.

What creative vision will I be fighting for in my 80s?

How you lose the fight for your creative vision:

  1. Taking on too many projects that lack balance
  2. Surrounding yourself with the wrong people
  3. Being an order-taker instead of a vision-caster
  4. Confusing slow and fast creative projects

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