Fiercely Independent (GWTW387)

In a recent interview with gough—friend of the show and filmmaker—I described him as fiercely independent. Since writing those words, I’ve been thinking about what they actually mean and why they are important to me. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to explore the virtues of creative independence and what it truly means to be fiercely independent.

Six ways to be fiercely independent, whether you work for yourself or for others:

  1. Learn to speak up, speak out, and share your vision for whatever you are working on or what you believe.
  2. Remove “that’s how it’s always been done” from your vocabulary. Accepting the status quo is the opposite of being fiercely independent and is really the bridle that tames your spirit.
  3. Bring a spirit of fierce independence to one area of your life or work and grow from there. Maybe it’s a side project, a relationship, or daily habit.
  4. Remember that there are an unlimited number of voices ready to tell you that you are wrong, stupid, and stubborn. There are only a few voices celebrating what you are doing. Don’t let your own voice be one of them.
  5. We celebrate the fiercely independents when they are successful, win awards, or are recognized. What should we do the other 99% of the time? Support them whether they win or lose. Value their independence.
  6. When your time comes to accept your independence, run with freedom. Don’t doubt or delay. Get after it. I had several moments when I squashed my independence before realizing that I would much rather be in the wild than in a stable.

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