FFF: Theory & Practice (GWTW364)

Last year I taught a course at a local university and during an in-class discussion, I asked the class to design a knowledge management system. A few questions that prompted the discussion were: How do you know what you know? How can you track your progress toward mastery? How can you utilize artificial intelligence or machine learning to identify what you need to learn next?

I’ve thought a lot about this concept over the past year as I interact more and more with online courses. It has been said by many that the online course is dead, but the reality is that they are here to stay. Online education is incredibly powerful, quick, affordable, and an emerging platform for equality. But there are a few problems: quality, consistency, structure, accountability, and follow-through.

So, what do we do in light of the power and problems of online education? Move from theory to practice and begin to build a prototype of your own knowledge management system.

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