Failing at Greater Things (GWTW324)

Are you failing at greater things? A fascinating question inspired from a quote in my journal one year ago. I think a lot about failure, mainly as something to avoid at all cost. But what’s interesting is that failure is a lot like salt in cooking: without it, food is bland and boring, and too much will kill your heart over time. Is there a better way to approach failure that allows me to chase after greater things? I think so.

Quotes Referenced in this Episode:

“The point of life is to fail at greater and greater things.” – Droidmaker

Five ways to fail at greater things:

  1. Separate risk from failure.
  2. Identify areas of complacency.
  3. Ship, share, reflect, and learn.
  4. Collaborate with people not like you.
  5. Remember that failure isn’t your identity, just one important component of the creative process.

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