Facing the Creative Unknown (GWTW377)

When you are standing before a project, how do you face the creative unknown? Do you try to figure out everything you’ll possibly need to know throughout the entire project including every way the project won’t work? Or perhaps you rely on your experience, personality, and creative and business processes to guide the way? Regardless of how you face the creative unknown, the truth is that how you react or respond is what makes or breaks your work. In today’s episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to explore several ways that you can refresh your view on how to face the creative unknown during your next creative project.

Five Lessons I’ve Learned in Facing the Creative Unknown:

  1. You can never fully prepare for what you don’t know, what will happen, and what you will possibly need.
  2. You can learn anything in the moment.
  3. Curiosity and confidence will serve you well.
  4. Obsessing over perfection is a form of procrastination.
  5. Document your processes and update them after every project.

Quotes mentioned in the episode:

“The best antidote for fear is competence” – Chris Hadfield, MasterClass

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