Exploring New Creative Worlds (GWTW458)

What do you when you have a well-established creative practice and a new idea pops into your head? Do you leave behind what you know in favor of exploring unknown creative worlds or pour your energy into both pursuits? For me, the answer to that question is to do both because neither would exist without each other. As I launch a new podcast this week, I am building upon what I’ve learned over the past four and a half years producing Getting Work To Work. At the same time, going through the process of developing a new show with different goals allows me to grow as a creative producer in a way that affects everything I do moving forward. That is the beauty of keeping both creative worlds alive.

Why create a new podcast?

  1. Narrow the audience and topic.
  2. Include transcriptions in the workflow.
  3. Instead of having 10-15 questions for the interview, I wanted to be more conversational on a single topic with each guest.

Five questions to answer as you explore new creative worlds without forsaking your old worlds:

  1. What are the distinctions between your old and new worlds?
  2. How can you use what you have learned in your old creative worlds in your explorations?
  3. What values are guiding your journey?
  4. How will you allow what you learn in your explorations of new creative worlds to find their way back to what you are already doing?
  5. Are you telling one story or one that is part of a saga?

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