Expand Your Mind (GWTW30)

Lately I have had a hard time daydreaming about the future as I drift off to sleep at night. This usually happens when I find myself not learning new things or expanding my mind. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I ask two questions: 1) When do you know it’s time for you to expand your mind? 2) How do you expand your mind and broaden your thinking? I answer the second question by sharing 10 ways to do just thought.

Ten Ways To Expand Your Mind and Broaden Your Thinking

  1. Seek to remove your internal biases.
  2. Reflect on the world and the problems that can be solved.
  3. Ask questions.
  4. Listen to understand, not to respond or retort.
  5. Embrace history.
  6. Accept you won’t always be right.
  7. Learn something new; apply it to what you know.
  8. Ask for recommendations from others.
  9. Join and participate in community.
  10. Build a diverse library that empowers you to learn.

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