Excuses: I'm Not Good Enough! (GWTW21)

Another excuse I’m fascinated with and have consistently told myself in the past is, “I’m not good enough.” This lack of self-confidence of the years has led to a lot of frustration, but as I learned to take back my confidence, my work started to improve and in many ways I took back my life. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I share seven ways you can take back your confidence and learn to stop making the excuse of “I’m not good enough.”

Seven Ways You Can Take Back Your Confidence

  1. Don’t let your lack of self-confidence become a habit.
  2. Identify and work to your strengths.
  3. Try new things in order to illuminate and refine your strengths.
  4. Realize saying you’re not good enough will drag you down.
  5. Ship and share your work. Don’t wait for perfection.
  6. Realize people make note of how you communicate and behave; confidence leads to people wanting to work with you and be around you.
  7. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

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