Evolution: Productivity (GWTW717)

Monologue ideas seem to enter my mind in the early hours. I picked up my phone, looked at my email (I know, not the best habit), and saw an email from Fruitful Life by Ashwin Chacko, “Grace Over Grind.” After reading the post, I started thinking about my backward relationship with productivity: I grind it out and reserve grace for others. But this week, I noticed something shifting inside. It wasn’t that I didn’t care about hitting deadlines and managing expectations, but I needed to let life enter into my daily plans. The more I let go of what I planned, the more I actually got done. What if everything I know about productivity is wrong and needs to evolve into something new? Chances are, we all might need to rethink productivity.

Ten ways I’m evolving my relationship with productivity:

  1. Be kind to yourself
  2. Do the bare minimum
  3. Follow your energy
  4. Avoid the thing
  5. You’re not a metronome
  6. See what sticks
  7. Play in the in-betweens and transitions
  8. Wander wherever your mind goes
  9. Savor the moment
  10. Go for impact

Show Links

  • Grace Over Grind by Ashwin Chacko
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