Dreams and Visions (GWTW546)

What dreams are you devoting the remaining time of your life on planet Earth to bring into being? What is your vision for your work and community? How will you know what the right thing to pursue is? Nothing but big questions as I explore dreams and visions. You can probably tell a lot about my state of mind by the books I’m reading. Lately, the theme is all about big dreams of a better future. As I apply what I’m reading to my life and work, I start to see a transformation take place. My intuition is daily sharpened, my discernment is taking shape, and I’m devoting my days to something bigger than myself.

Three reasons why dreams and visions matter:

  1. They foster your intuition.
  2. They develop the power of discernment.
  3. They help you devote your remaining days to the pursuit of something larger than yourself.

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