Don't Feel Behind (GWTW337)

Have you ever read one of those “Age Under Age” lists only to feel the sting of regret and remorse because you’re way past that “age”? Maybe you were on an “Age Under Age” list when you were younger, only to find yourself asking decades later: Do I still have it? I think about this need to validate creative visionaries often from the perspective of a mid-career professional: I’ll never be on a list, I have optimal levels of ambition, my body and mind are still working, and I’m nowhere near retirement. But there are days where I still feel behind.

Quotes Referenced in this Episode:

From Everything Is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo:

“To build skills, earn trust, develop a body of work, forge relationships, gain mastery, or solve complicated problems, it takes sustained, relentless effort” (p. 200).

From The Optimist’s Telescope: Thinking Ahead in a Reckless Age by Bina Venkataraman:

“…scarcity of time is like scarcity of money, in that it drives people to focus on immediate needs at the expense of the future” (p. 103).

From Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World by David Epstein:

“Don’t feel behind” (p. 290).

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