Done Not None (GWTW321)

I read a lot of books that emphasize the importance of having core values or guiding principles for your business. Whenever I read about this topic, I always say to myself, “Well, that would be nice to have, but that’s just not how my business works.” The other day I was talking to a friend about getting a project released and I said, “Done is better than none.” In that moment, a core value began to take shape in my mind. Could it be that this has been a guiding principle I’ve been ignoring? Could this be why I get frustrated when there is an overall lack of progress or deadlines missed?

Five underlying beliefs as to WHY this is important:

  1. Excellence, not perfection, fuels growth.
  2. Improving processes requires an end to the process.
  3. Without limitations, our creativity suffers.
  4. Ship or quit: When projects sit for too long, we get creatively constipated.
  5. The audience can handle our imperfections and mistakes.

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