Do Your Thing! (GWTW588)

One of my favorite questions to ask people and reflect upon myself is: What advice would you give your younger self? While it’s a question that reveals a future direction by examining past decisions, it sometimes isn’t enough to get you out of a rut. As I was thinking about the question today, I felt a variation bubble up from the recesses of my mind: What advice is your younger self giving you today? Like most of us, I often lose my way, and it is the wisdom of past experiences that are the best teachers, so it’s time for me to pay attention.

Eleven lessons my younger self is giving me today:

  1. Do your thing
  2. Chase your obsessions
  3. No strategy is a valid strategy; the pursuit of craft is enough
  4. Every damn day; iteration is growth
  5. Hold your vision loosely
  6. Share unashamedly
  7. Let past experiences that align with your future shape your present
  8. Find ways to stay active
  9. Make time and give space for daydreaming
  10. Failure is not the same as making mistakes
  11. In the immortal words of James Victore: “Feck Perfuction”

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