Defy Your Genre (GWTW241)

The message I seem to be getting lately all sounds the same: Define your target audience, find a problem they have, and offer solutions for them. I know that’s sound business advice; I don’t know if it’s my stubbornness or my streak of defiance, but I want to rebel every time I hear that. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to explore how you can make the stuff you want to make and then find your niche, genre, or tribe.

4 Ways to Defy Your Genre and Make Your Stuff!

  1. Start with a genre, learn the rules, and break them as you bring your vision to life.
  2. Genres and target audiences are artificial constructs that help us to organize our world. Understand they are fluid and evolve over time because of visionaries, iconoclasts, artist, freaks, weirdos, and savvy entrepreneurs. Figure out how to change the definitions and alter them forever.
  3. Creating work for an audience or in a genre is a paradoxical reality. Satisfy them and you’ll probably get critically slammed. Forsake the audience for the critics, and you’ll be a sellout. The moral of this story is to be true to your vision, the work you are making, and the story you are telling.
  4. Don’t worry about capturing the attention of everyone. Start with yourself, branch out to a small group, and find your people. When you are playing the genre/target audience game, you are just searching for certainty.

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