"Daily Living Your Purpose" with Abibat Durosimi (GWTW432)

What would you do if someone you look up to invites you to be part of their journey, knowing your life would forever change? From the early days of growing her skills in the world of hair and makeup to eventually working for Prince, today’s guest on Getting Work To Work, Abibat Durosimi of Bloom Beauty Collective, tells stories of her journey and lessons she learned along the way. Additionally, she shares how she is daily living her purpose helping creative entrepreneurs heal and thrive in their careers. We also talk about her 2020 virtual event for Design Week Portland, The New Norm in Fashion. If you struggle with knowing your worth, thinking like a brand, or dreaming big enough dreams, I hope Abibat’s story will inspire you to go beyond your comfort zone, up your skills, and reach out to other creative entrepreneurs.

Design Week Portland 2020 Interviews:

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