Curiosity Builders (GWTW219)

As you may have noticed in this podcast, I talk a lot about curiosity and why it’s a fundamental concept and passion in my life. From learning new things to having a deeper understanding of people and the craft of filmmaking, curiosity daily motivates me to be more than I thought was possible. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to dive deep into curiosity and how I’m building something new for you in 2019.

Seven Questions That Led to Curiosity Builders:

  1. What is curiosity?
  2. Is there more than one type of curiosity?
  3. What literature was out there about curiosity?
  4. What am I curious about?
  5. Why aren’t more people curious?
  6. What is the problem that curiosity solves?
  7. Is there something I can do to help other people (and myself in the process) become more curious?

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