Curating Your Obsessions (GWTW23)

Can you imagine buying a house and creating a museum to your obsessions? That is what Guillermo del Toro did. Room by room, he filled a house with memorabilia, sculptures, books, trinkets, drawings, and paintings. He draws on his obsession with monsters and pours it into each and every film he makes. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I share about the importance of your obsessions in creating unique work and five ways to identify, curate, and share what you could fill a museum with.

Five Ways You Can Identify, Curate, and Share Your Obsessions

  1. Identify what you collect. We all collect something.
  2. Assess where you currently share your passions and obsessions.
  3. Don’t let fear keep you quiet about your obsessions.
  4. Daydream: If you had an unlimited budget, how would you build up and share your obsessions with others?
  5. Let your obsessions impact your creative work.

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