Crutches For Your Creativity (GWTW527)

I love those moments when you hear something so straightforward that it reveals something hidden in your brain. I recently shared feedback with a friend, and her response was swift: “Yep, I know that about myself, it’s a crutch.” I couldn’t get that phrase out of my head. I know what crutches are used for when we hurt our bodies, but what are they used for when it comes to our creativity? Are they good, bad, or even odd? These are the questions that I’m exploring, yes, in today’s monologue, but honestly, in my life. Because once you start revealing crutches in your life and work, you won’t stop seeing them. Then it becomes a question of, “What do you do with them?”

How we move forward without our crutches:

  1. Allow the mirrors of self-reflection and the words of your trusted circle of friends to reveal crutches.
  2. Be honest with yourself: Is this crutch allowing me to heal or to hide?
  3. Retrain how to operate without the crutch.
  4. Expand your vision for the future.

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