"Creativity and Craft" with Britta Cabanos (GWTW254)

Today’s interview episode of Getting Work To Work is the third in a four-part series promoting Design Week Portland, “a week-long, all-inclusive festival celebrating the projects and processes as told by a creative community across many disciplines.” In these interviews, you’ll meet amazing creatives who are not only producing great work, but also giving back and building a community of equality. Learn more about Design Week Portland at DesignPortland.org.

Now that the stage is set, I would like to introduce you to Britta Cabanos, Chief Design Director and Co-Founder of Creative Capital Design, an apparel design consulting studio, as well as Chief Editor at InsideFashionDesign.net. In this conversation, Britta shares about how travel inspires the macro and micro levels of design in every project, how filtering is essential in being a decision maker, the role of collaboration in learning new things, and what the future of technology and apparel is.

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