Creative Steps & Reps (GWTW697)

A common question people ask me when they hear I’ve been podcasting for seven years and almost 700 episodes: “How do you still have anything to say?” That is an excellent question that I wrestled with early on in the show’s life. And if I’m honest, one I’ve been wrestling with in the past few months. The reason is simple: I’m doing the reps but not putting in the steps. Much like our physical bodies, our creativity flourishes when we do simple things daily. But when you add light strength training as well? Creativity soars! Not only do we have something to say, but we have the power and skill to turn a whisper into a roar. Whether you are on day one of your creative life, in the middle of your career, or nearing retirement, how will you incorporate creative steps and reps into your daily life?

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  • Midjourney prompt for episode art: infinite steps mountains oceans surreal in the style of MC Escher –ar 16:9