Creative Momentum (GWTW134)

One thing that always fascinates me with managing creative work is momentum—from start to finish—and how it can change from project to project. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to share a few tips on to build momentum in spite of inspirational drags, project stalls, and waiting for feedback.

11 Factors That Influence Creative Momentum

  1. Distractions.
  2. Lack of inspiration.
  3. Unclear goals and project outcomes.
  4. Fuzzy deadlines.
  5. Overcommitment.
  6. Waiting to address problems.
  7. Too many cooks in the kitchen.
  8. Procrastination.
  9. Burnout.
  10. Waiting for feedback.
  11. The project is stalled or on the back burner.

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