Creating a Possibility Machine (GWTW298)

The past year has been an interesting journey for me personally and professionally. I’ve had a few highs, but the lows have been plentiful and educational, to say the least. I’ve been spending a lot of time and energy trying to figure out the problems that have been plaguing my business, but a question popped into my mind after starting the book, The Solutions Focus: Have I been spending too much time thinking about the problems and not enough time about the solutions? In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to explore the mental shift from problems to solutions and how I’m creating a possibility machine that keeps me focused on bringing forth the future, today.

Quotes from The Solutions Focus:

“We are faced with challenges all the time. The particular problems to tackle are when life becomes the same damn thing over and over—the ones when we feel stuck” (p. 73).

“A future without possibilities is a future without hope, one in which neither we nor anyone else can make a difference. Experience shows that hope is a great motivator. Expectations and hope are vital in lighting a forward path” (p. 70).

“The idea of possibilities in the present refers to uncovering and highlighting current resources—‘possibility machines’—and favoring conversations leading to topics, strands, and directions that generate feelings of possibilities” (p. 69).

What a possibility machine could look like:

  1. Knowledge & Wisdom: “What do I know?” and “What do I need to learn?”
  2. Relationships & Communities: “Who do I know?” and “Who do I need to meet?”
  3. Commitment to Your Craft: “What can I make?” and “What do I need to make?”
  4. Spontaneity & Curiosity: “What am I curious about?” and “How can I surprise myself?” or “How will allow myself to be surprised?”
  5. Vision: “What do I dream about?” and “What will I do?”
  6. Action: “What I am doing!” and “Where I am going!”

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