Courage to Care (GWTW466)

Today I want to speak to the workaholics in the audience, those driven to not only push hard but to go beyond your limitations, daring to work hard to bring your dreams to life. To hustle, fight, and push aside the challenging emotions and struggles. There is no denying that you are courageous, bold, and focused. You make it, whatever it is for you, happen. But the questions I have for you today are these: Do you have the courage to care for yourself? To stop and make sure you are going where you want to go? To fuel up and ask for directions if you realize you are lost? Let’s dive into it.

Ten Steps of Courageous Care:

  1. The courage to stop
  2. The courage to ask for help
  3. The courage to share
  4. The courage to be quiet
  5. The courage to listen to others
  6. The courage to listen to yourself
  7. The courage to discover what you need
  8. The courage to tell others what you need
  9. The courage to take action
  10. The courage to change

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