Commodities of Conformity (GWTW209)

As a content creator, I think about what it takes to succeed and how the odds are stacked against me due to the sheer amount of content being released on a daily basis. It leads me to ask, “Why bother?” This feeling gets magnified when I read articles proclaiming the death of things from the two-hour film to our attention spans, celebrating immediacy and instant gratification. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to answer the question—why bother?—by addressing the commodities of conformity.

Six ways you can fight the race to the bottom and not be a commodity of conformity:

  1. Don’t be a commodity, be different.
  2. Don’t worship your metrics.
  3. Approach your tools in a new way.
  4. Get closer and more personal to your subjects.
  5. Embrace empathy.
  6. Have a limited edition mentality.

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