Coming Up With Ideas (GWTW19)

How do you come up with ideas? Do you just sit down and they magically appear? Do you have a ritual you go through in order to properly summon the muse? Do you copy, transform, or combine things that you come across? Perhaps you steal old ideas? In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I share some insight into the creative process from Austin Kleon and Kirby Ferguson, as well as seven ways you can come up with ideas.

Seven Ways You Can Come Up With Ideas

  1. Make a list! Write everything down. But don’t forget to look at your lists.
  2. Have boundaries and deadlines.
  3. Identify your interests and what inspires you.
  4. Give your mind time to wander.
  5. Don’t stress about coming up with an original idea.
  6. Don’t expect your ideas to be perfect.
  7. Sleep on it.

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