"Civics, Art & Zines" with Jen Wick & Alex Chiu (GWTW430)

How do you make policy-making and civic engagement relatable to everybody who needs that information? This question guided today’s guests Jen Wick and Alex Chiu as they created a zine for the City of Portland’s Office of Community & Civic Life called This is Your Portland. In this conversation, Jen & Alex share details about that zine and their upcoming presentation for Design Week Portland 2020, Civics & Art: Why Bureaucracy Needs Good Design. They also talk about the impact zines had on them from their early creative years as they discovered a world of culture, community, and belonging. From the responsibility of doing public work to the importance of listening to and learning from other people, Jen and Alex have a lot to say about the power present in the quick, cheap, and highly personal medium that is the zine. They also answer the question about what we can learn from punk rock in a time of rebellion. I hope that by the end of this interview, you will want to make your very own zine.

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