"Changing the Future of Tech" with Ryan Carson (GWTW159)

Ryan Carson is the founder and CEO of Treehouse, a company whose mission is to bring “affordable technology education to people everywhere in order to help them achieve their dreams and change the world.” In this episode of Getting Work To Work, Ryan shares about his entrepreneurship journey, how the model of trades and apprenticeships is found within the hiring practices of Treehouse, how he is working with his team to change diversity and inclusion in tech by doing something about it, and the future of education.

Several quotes from this episode:

  • “Almost all of us are doing highly advanced technical trade skills that we did not learn in college.”
  • “I think we’re just in a new age where we realized the old traditional model just didn’t adapt fast enough, and the price structure didn’t change, and we’ve almost leapfrogged the whole thing.”
  • “Why have student debt if you don’t need it?”
  • “I ended up being an entrepreneur because I was so passionate about solving a problem that I cared about, that it drove me into entrepreneurship.”
  • “I had to admit that my gut instinct is better than what I thought.”
  • “I think one of the big things that happens to you as an entrepreneur is you’re constantly losing your confidence and then regaining it.”
  • “Trust is the hidden multiplier of everything…and if you don’t trust people, you just can’t be successful.”
  • “All of this learning was happening inside Treehouse, then we realized we could build the same system for other companies.”

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