"Challenging the Norms" with Heidi Hackemer (GWTW439)

What does it mean to be a good human in this world? What does it mean to build a moral company? How can I believe in myself again? Today’s guest on Getting Work To Work, Heidi Hackemer, is asking gigantic questions of herself as she emerges from a challenging few years of incredible highs and soul-crushing lows to build Zwolf, a brand strategy company. In this deep conversation about success, failure, and growth in the time of a pandemic, Heidi shares about the importance of her morning routine, the stories she tells and the impact on others, and living a life fueled by truth, love, and support. She also touches on individualism versus community, leadership lessons as she steps into new roles and spaces in her life, the importance of energy and agency in active choice, her love for teaching and helping others rise up, and how she could believe in herself again.

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