Building a Production Pipeline (GWTW57)

In a meeting with a client, we were discussing this podcast and I was asked: “Are you building a production pipeline or are you doing each episode just in time?” While this wasn’t my first time hearing the phrase “just in time” production, it was a well-timed question that set me on a journey to build a production pipeline for Getting Work To Work. In this episodeI talk about the differences between scheduling content and “just in time” production and share five steps you can use to build a production pipeline.

Five Steps You Can Use to Build a Production Pipeline

  1. Identify what can be produced ahead of time and what needs to be done “just in time.”
  2. Document your process so that when it comes time to produce, you know exactly what you need to do.
  3. Curate material you can draw from.
  4. Produce your content and schedule its release based upon an editorial calendar.
  5. Spend time making changes by reflecting upon what has worked and what hasn’t.

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