Building Your Community (GWTW110)

As a creative professional who often works at home, alone, a sense of community is often missing in my life. When I have long-term jobs, where I am partnering with larger organizations, there is a fleeting moment of community that disappears once the job is over. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to talk about four ways to build a greater sense of community regardless of whether you are working by yourself or with others. Each step will most likely require you to go beyond your comfort zone.

  1. Have the desire to build a community.
  2. Describe your vision for the community you want to build. How can people be a part? What does the community look like?
  3. Take the initiative and invite people to join your community.
  4. Have persistence in building and growing your community. People will come and go. You may get frustrated. But remember your desire and vision for the community.

In Reach: A New Strategy to Help You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone, Rise to the Challenge and Build Confidence, Andy Molinsky has this to say about going beyond your comfort zone: “No one likes to move beyond their comfort zone, but as the saying goes, that’s where the magic happens. It’s where we can grow, learn, and develop in a way that expands our horizons beyond what we thought was possible.”

Photo by Mario Purisic on Unsplash

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