Building a Better World (GWTW144)

Building a better world has always held a strong place in my heart and imagination. So much that my slogan is centered around telling stories of those who dare to build a better world. Recently I came across a tweet by Jessica Rose asking for those who work in tech jobs that make the world a better place to share what they do. As I read the thread, I couldn’t help but think: How do we build a better world? In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to share 10 thoughts on how we can work to build a better world.

10 Thoughts About Building a Better World

  1. It’s an intentional choice.
  2. It is not just about huge, life-altering missions, but small efforts done consistently.
  3. It’s about solving problems…
  4. Increasing quality of life for as many as possible, and…
  5. Helping cultures thrive.
  6. It’s meant to be shared so that others can participate.
  7. It is a tool to empower others to work alongside one another on projects that matter to them.
  8. It requires sacrifice.
  9. It’s not a selfish pursuit to reform the world in a person’s image.
  10. It is a dynamic process; it will never be finished.

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