Build Your Mental Database (GWTW217)

One of the subjects I love learning about is creativity, specifically how to generate new ideas. Recently, I was reading the book Curious by Ian Leslie and I was captivated by the comparison of our long-term memory to a database and that creativity arrives when our subconscious accesses our mental databases and generates new ideas that we couldn’t have considered. So, the question is, what’s in your mental database?

7 Ways to Build Your Mental Database:

  1. Start with your interests. Be a generalist. Be curious about anything and everything.
  2. Dive deep into your specialties.
  3. Don’t try to make explicit connections, let your subconscious mind figure it all out.
  4. Fill your mind with new content every day.
  5. Find ways to make content stick in your mind.
  6. Don’t fear books and content that make you work for it.
  7. Put your mental database to work every day.

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